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Wilderness School

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Enviromental Education

Experienced field guides ensure that children get the best tuition and are always safe.
Lapalala has magnificent examples of rock art, a wonderful record of species that used to occur in the area.

The need for environmental education

Hardly a day goes by without yet another alarming report coming out on the perilous state of the global environment, and increasingly it is being recognised that issues such as climate change can seriously threaten security and development throughout the world.

“Investment in environmental education is an investment in an environmentally sound future,” says Clive Walker, the founder of the Lapalala Wilderness School. He continues: “We need a new philosophy in this regard, for our very survival depends on it. Corporate responsibility should be encouraged to recognize the importance of bringing young children and teachers together in an outdoor classroom, which opens the windows of their minds.”

Lapalala Wilderness School is looking forward to welcoming children and their teachers who want to take advantage of a unique educational experience in a superlative wilderness area.

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