Lapalala Wilderness is one of the largest private reserves in southern Africa. Here, rich valleys give way to spectacular cliffs; breathtaking mountains echo the flow of crisp streams cascading into crystal rock pools; and an abundance of flora plays home to a vast array of wildlife.

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It’s a pristine nature reserve, largely untouched by man, and established to promote the wealth of biodiversity of the region and celebrate the rich natural heritage it represents.

When it was founded in 1981, the vision of Lapalala was to practice sustainable conservation that emphasises the interconnectedness of man and nature and delivers lasting benefits for both. As such, Lapalala provides a safe habitat for rare and threatened animal species, creates employment and upliftment opportunities for surrounding communities, and works to educate future generations and empower them to become South Africa’s champions of sustainability for years to come.

Lapalala achieves these objectives through a combination of special species breeding programmes, community collaboration in conservation projects, tourism promotion, and a well-established education programme offered through the Lapalala Wilderness School.

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