Lapalala has been involved in numerous research projects since its inception. A sampling of research papers, along with relevant videos and photo galleries are detailed below.

Melora Archaeological Research

This is a mystical and, some might even say, magical part of Lapalala. Perched stop a flat mountain in an area of remote wilderness, Melora is the site of an Iron Age settlement that has been the subject of considerable research. The remains of a clay rhino artefact were discovered there, confirming beyond doubt that these magnificent animals once called the Waterberg region, and Lapalala, home.

Melora Archaeological Research Part 1

Melora Archaeological Research Part 2

Paper Title: “The cultural and symbolic significance of the African rhinoceros: a review of the traditional beliefs, perceptions and practices of agropastoralist societies in southern Africa”

Brown Hyena Scat Research

Extensive research into various mammals has been conducted at Lapalala. This particular study focused on hyena and their dietary habits. The findings were published in the Wildlife Biology Journal.

Paper Title: Patterns of scat deposition by brown hyaenas Hyaena brunnea in a
mountain savannah region of South Africa


Other Published Papers


Paper Title: First report on the colony-forming freshwater ciliate Ophrydium versatile in an African river
Authors: PJ Oberholster, PJ Ashton, GB Fritz and A-M Botha
Journal Published: Water SA Vol. 36 No. 3
Date: April 2010
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Paper Title: Contact Calls of the Northern and Southern White Rhinoceros Allow for Individual and Species Identification
Authors: Ivana Cinkova and Richard Policht
Journal Published: PLOS ONE
Date: June 2014 Vol. 9 Issue 6
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